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Healing House Program Overview

There are eight program components at Healing House that you will not find at any other recovery program in Minnesota:

1. Christ-centered
All programming at Healing House is focused on healing from past hurts that can only come through Christ.

2. Long-term
Some sources consider long term only 60 or 90 days. Our program takes place over a minimum of 7 months.

3. Residential
Besides each family having their own room and receiving three meals a day, we have hygiene products, diapers, clothing and other necessities a new family may need.

4. Mothers and Children Together
Studies have shown that mothers have a higher chance of recovery when their children are with them. Having children along also helps mothers and children bond and heal together.

5. Child Development Program
Our on-site Child Development Program helps children who typically have mental, emotional and spiritual delays get caught up.

6. Licensed Christian Therapy
The licensed therapist provides Christian individual, family and group counseling for our mothers and children.

7. Life Skills Training
These life skills are essential to long-termsuccessful independent living.

8. No One Turned Away for Lack of Funding
Our policy is to never turn anyone away who is ready to change because they can’t pay.

Program Phases

PHASE 1 – Assessment Phase (approx. 3 months)

Objective:  To assess areas of healing and begin to establish or renew a relationship with Christ.

PHASE 2 - Healing Phase (approx. 3 months)

Objective:  To understand how God’s Word applies to your personal life, learn Christian healing principles & experience freedom in Jesus Christ.

PHASE 3 – Equipping Phase (approx. 2 months)

Objective:   To understand your divine design, apply Christian healing principles to life, and acquire life skills to work, manage a home and live independently.

PHASE 4 – Finishing Phase (as long as it takes)

Objective:  To look for work and/or attend school while practicing a new life in Christ as part of the Healing House Community.

PHASE 5 – Transition Phase (approx. 2-7 months)

Objective:  To save money for independent living while working or attending school full-time and continuing residence at Healing House.