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New Hope Center Program Overview

Intake—Typically 4-10 Days

Program admission is based on two factors: First, an initial face-to-face interview.  Second, if initially approved, you will be granted a “trial” residence in our Guest Room.  This trial period is for you to decide if you really want the program – and for us to see if you are serious about change.

During this phase you will be asked to follow a few simple rules.  At the end of the Intake Phase, if mutually agreeable, you will be admitted to the formal program.


Assessment Phase—Typically 4 weeks

During this phase you will attend scheduled classes, chapels and other program activities.  In addition you will participate in work therapy and will undergo assessments assigned by your Case Manager.  These are designed to help him prepare your “contract”.


Contract Setting

Based on the results of the Assessment Phase, you will be asked to agree in writing to a contract that sets the goals for the remainder of your program.  This contract will be personalized to your needs and will address such things as spiritual needs, emotional needs and/or education and life-skill needs.

Once you agree to the contract, completing the program is based on achieving your goals.  At this time, you will be advised as to the approximate length of your remaining program.  However, program length may be adjusted later as goals are or are not met.

Also, should issues arise that were not evident at the end of your assessment phase, your contract may need to be revised.


Healing Phase—Typically 2-4 months

The focus of this phase is to identify and address key areas of your life that need spiritual and/or emotional healing.  This will be accomplished through regular meetings with a Biblical counselor along with any referral resources he recommends.

During this time you will also continue in classes, chapels, work therapy, and other activities.  Once your case Coordinator determines that you have achieved your healing goals, you will be ready to enter the Equipping Phase.

Equipping Phase—May vary from 4-8 weeks

The focus of this phase is to equip you with the practical tools you need to succeed in life. You may be assigned, as appropriate, to any or all of the following: Literacy Training, GED Training, Life Skill Class(es) & Work Readiness Training.

During this time you will continue to participate in chapels, work therapy and other activities.  You will also be asked to keep a “discipleship journal” and to meet regularly with your Case Manager.


Finishing Phase—Length may vary

During this phase, the process of work search proceeds as this time of re-focusing keeps the momentum of change moving forward.  Part-time work is allowed in this phase.  When you have secured steady, full-time employment, you will have completed your program.


After Care Program

A Christian recovery support group for our male residents and alumni meets every Thursday from 6:00 to 8:30pm at New Hope Center. A typical meeting consists of praise and worship, a meal, and study of Biblically-based twelve steps. Testimonies and medallion nights are also included.

Typical Schedule

Monday – Friday

    6:30am    Breakfast
    7:00am     Room Chores
    8:00am     Devotions
    9:00am     Class
   10:30am     Work Study
   12:30pm     Lunch
    1:30pm      Class
    5:30pm      Supper
    7:00pm      Chapel    
   10:00pm     Vespers
   10:30pm     Doors Closed
    11:00pm     Lights Out

Saturday - Meals, Work Study as assigned, Group Sessions

Sunday - Meals, Church, Work Study as assigned