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Men's Program

New Hope Center (Men's Facility)

Our men residents are enrolled in a program (established 1926) designed for completion in 5 to 7 months. (may vary based on individual need). Synopsis of the program is as follows:

  • Intake (typically 4-10 days) . Program admission is based on two factors: Face-to-face interview & trial residence in our Guest Room. If mutually agreeable, resident will be admitted to the formal program.

  • Assessment Phase (typically 4 weeks) Scheduled classes, chapels, work therapy, assessments assigned by case coordinator. A contract will be established to address such things as: Spiritual Needs, Emotional Needs, Education and Life-skill needs.

  • Healing Phase (typically 4-8 weeks) Focus of this phase is to identify and address key areas of life that need spiritual and/or emotional healing. Regular meetings with a Biblical counselor and referral resources are recommended. Resident will continue classes, chapels, work therapy and other activities.

  • Equipping Phase (may vary from 4-12 weeks). The focus is to equip the resident with practical tools to succeed in life. As needed these areas will be assigned: Literacy Training, GED Training, Life Skill Class(es) and Work Readiness Training.  Resident continues with chapels, work therapy and other activities, maintains a discipleship journal and meets regularly with a Case Coordinator.

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