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Women's Program

Healing House (Women & Children's Facility)

Our women and children residents are enrolled in a program (established in 2006) designed to be completed within 12 to 18 months. (time may vary-based on women’s needs). Upon completion of either program, residents receive training and begin a search for employment. After, securing steady housing and employment, residents complete the program and are prepared for life in the community.

  • Evaluation Program admission is based on two factors: Face-to-face interview & trial residence during these 30 days of evaluation. If mutually agreeable, ladies and or ladies with children will be admitted to full program. During this phase women are engaging in assessments including: Spiritual inventory, mental health, family systems, literacy, medical and legal.  Programming includes parenting and sobriety education.

  • Intro to Faith (Phase I) Program includes sobriety class, intro to Christianity, Identity in Christ, Discipleship classes, case management.

  • Growing in Faith (Phase II) Programming includes emotional and relational groups, attachment training, core life skills, church interaction, attendance and participating in classroom assignments.

  • Maturing in Faith (Phase III) Programming includes Basic education, Parenting with a Purpose classes and life skill classes)

  • Transition Phase (Phase IV) Programming includes employment readiness, career assessment.

Children's Program: Children who arrive to the Healing House are also enrolled in a comprehensive healing program. School age children have the option of public school or attending Hope Academy (between ages of 1 – 12 years). The tuition is traditionally covered by supporters.

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