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The search for happiness comes in waves, for both Christians and non-Christians alike. Even though Christ offers eternal hope that brings us happiness here on earth too, it’s easy to forget that when life is giving us constant set-backs. Non-Christians are simply looking to fill the void, a never-ending search for “something.”

While no one ever seeks to have an addiction, when someone begins to associate a “thing” (a drug, alcohol, possessions, sex, etc.) with the search for happiness, addiction comes easily because it starts to fill that void. This isn’t like the happiness that comes from holding a puppy, eating a tasty meal, or a beautiful day. This is much, much deeper than that.

Christians can lose sight of their ultimate source of happiness found in Christ because becoming a Christian is not the golden ticket to a happy life 100% of the time. In other religions, happiness is associated with good deeds or obedience to a rule. Therefore, if you are unhappy or going through a difficult time of life, it must be because you did something wrong and are facing punishment.

But when we turn our attention off of ourselves, when we take a moment to be humbled, when we stop searching for a “thing” and focus on contentment, that’s when we almost subconsciously allow God to move in us. God has placed desires in our heart for us to pursue, but no earthly pursuit will ever amount to the true happiness that can only come from an eternity spent with our Creator.

What are you actively searching for? What are you pursuing every day? Have your prayers been for something that could become more important than God? Maybe happiness isn’t what you have been searching for this whole time. Maybe it’s the life-giving, life-changing opportunity God has given that you have overlooked in the search for happiness.

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