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95 years of Help & Hope

We need your help. We receive no state support for the children in our care, or for our Christ-centered programs. Your financial gift goes to provide direct care for the children and residents at our centers. As a nonprofit ministry we are dedicated to the individuals and families we serve. We need a community to stand with us, to demonstrate the Gospel to the hurting. Will you join us in that? Will you help spread the message that here, everyone belongs and everyone deserves HOPE?

"It is hard to admit that I kept turning to drugs and alcohol, especially when my children were being taken from me. In my mind I did not deserve another chance. Change and hope were for someone else. That all changed after entering the women with children's program at Metro Hope! My life has not only been restored, it has been transformed, which never would have happened without the financial support of others." - Graduate

Donor Privacy -

Metro Hope Ministries respects your privacy, therefore, we will never sell or share a donor’s personal information, whether obtained on-line or off-line, with any other entity, nor will we send donor mailings on behalf of any other organization. We are commited to be good stewards of your contributions and your information.

89% of every dollar donated is used to care for the residents of Metro Hope. 10% is used for staffing and 1% for fundraising.

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