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Every Person Matters to Jesus Christ

There is NO requirement for a resident to be a Christian when entering or graduating our 5-12 month programs, we love everyone where they are at.


Growing up in addicted and abusive home, I was convinced that was my destiny. Treatment was never an option for me, who was going to care for my kids. Then I found Metro Hope. After 10 months in the program my family and I have discovered our true purpose.

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I was introduced to prescription pills by friends on my high school sports team. Thinking I could quit anytime I needed, I found myself looking back at 10 years of addiction and destructive decisions. Metro Hope believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. 


I learned about Metro Hope  while in a different 30 day treatment program. Feeling hopeless, I knew that I needed to do something different to break the cycle of addiction in my life. I trusted them with 7 months of my life. And now, filled with hope, I am committed to helping others. 

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