94 years of Help & Hope


We are a residential, Christ-centered, drug and alcohol recovery program serving men, women, and mothers with children in the Minneapolis area. Our programs focus on providing healing and hope for the whole family since 1926.

Many of our residents are at the end of their options. Most have exhausted their support systems, lost their homes and are unable to support themselves or their families. 

At Metro Hope for a season of their lives, thousands of men, women and children in our programs have encountered Jesus and the hope He gives.


We are a restorative recovery ministry providing real help and lasting hope for the entire family in a grace filled environment through Jesus Christ.

At Metro Hope, we have set a place at the table for anyone that knocks and anyone who enters. We believe in the healing power of the Gospel. Although most of our residents receive government aid, we always have needs associated with running a residential program.

At Metro Hope we value community. Through our events and volunteer opportunities we foster a collaborative culture that benefits the families we serve. We 

need our community to stand with us, to be a safe place for the hurting.

With 2 locations in the Twin Cities our programs serve men, women, and mothers with children. Our programs range from

5-7 months in length. 

Our entire mission at Metro Hope revolves around the fact that every single person matters.

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2739 Cedar Ave S.

Minneapolis, MN 55407

(612) 721-9415