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Ask for Help

“Squeaky wheel gets the grease.” That is an old saying my mom used to say to me, and while I didn’t want to hear it as a child, it instilled one of the biggest life lessons people today lack.

Why are we so afraid to ask for help?

It started with me being unable to find a CD at Target and wanting my mom to ask an employee to find it. But she would say that phrase and I knew that meant I had to ask. I was shy and didn’t want to ask for help, but like she said, “If you want it bad enough, you will find the courage to ask.” So I did, every time. Then that turned into getting a bad grade on a good assignment in school and asking the teacher why it was graded like that. Many times, it was simply the teacher’s mistake or because I asked, they would make an adjustment.

Today that might be in the form of asking your boss for a raise, asking a friend for help, asking family for prayer. Whatever it may be, you have to put your own fear aside and trust that someone else will come through for you. How many times have we not just asked God for help and instead try to do it ourselves?

Metro Hope is full of people who put their fear aside and made a decision to change their lives for the better. It takes a risk. It takes commitment. It takes trust, but when you just put your hand out and say, “I need help,” you will be surprised at how many people will show up. You can try to face addiction and unhealthy habits alone, but what if you had asked for help sooner? There is healing in the accountability. All it takes is 1 magic word to start a transformation. Help.

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