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Risk. Fear. Hope

Unknown’s are scary.

There is something so symbolic about doors, the way they open and close breed a sort of finality in one singular breath.

They promise you don’t have to stay locked inside the confines of what has always shackled you.

They promise that goodness is not something that will be worn out, that sometimes the next step is the hardest step. They provide a whisper of hope, one that gives you the opportunity to become something new, to step into a season of life that was designed to give you back pieces of you, pieces that have compromised, pieces that have been shattered, pieces that have been left behind.

When was the last time you allowed someone to touch the pieces of you that are still so tender the slightest breath of air embodies that of a singeing fire? When was the last time you heard the words “just as you are” and were able to remember who that is?

At Metro Hope, we believe in the transformative power of meeting you exactly where you are, just as you are. Here we serve a Savior that offers a kind of love that will never go away, regardless of how far we have strayed. Our broken pieces are simply just places for His light and His love to shine through. There is nothing you could ever do to step outside of His love, no mistake too big, no choice too detrimental. Jesus will always meet us where we are at, and thankfully, He does not base his love circumstantially.

At Metro Hope, our doors are always open. We are waiting expectant and excited. The day that the love of Jesus became open for everyone was the same day that Jesus was nailed to wood and took His last breath, with His arms wide open.New beginnings are scary. Sometimes our worlds can feel so dark we can’t see two feet in front of us. But at Metro Hope, we pray that the light will be shinning so brightly from the inside there will be no threat of what can lie in the darkness.

We pray that Metro Hope will be a safe place, we pray that above all else, it is His presence that is felt in an overwhelming way.

This ministry is one that is founded on the beauty and the power of testimonial hope, in simply loving people right where they are. We believe in the power of walking along side those that are tired of the fight, we believe in the beauty of sacrificial love and of healing.

Each one of you leaves a story behind every door you close. Different mountains climbed, different heart aches, different rock bottoms. And yet, the most glorious thing about hope is that it that has no regard for where you have been, it only wants to take you to where you will go.

The doors are wide open.

The risk is high. The fear is great. But Hope is here. Will you open the door and see what’s on the other side?​

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